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Over 70 years ago in 1951, Fred Garrison founded Fred Garrison Oil Company as a Fina service station and bulk plant.

His goal, simple. Help service the greater Panhandle region in the sale of gasoline, diesel, lubricants, propane, tires, batteries and other automative products. By 1960 he had become a Texaco distributor and had created the current headquarters in Plainview, Texas. In 2001 Fred Garrison Oil Co. started doing business as Allstar Fuel, a name reflective of a goal to be the premier local fuel distributor in the region, while retaining the company name Fred Garrison Oil Co. and preserving the heritage of it’s founder.

As a direct result of seventy years of dedication to you, the Allstar brand is seen throughout Texas as a proven, quality provider of petroleum products.

Products & Customers

 Products and Services:
We offer: Clear and Dyed Diesel. Conventional, Regular, and Premium Gasoline. Propane. AvGas and Jet Fuel. Kerosene, Naptha, Antifreeze, Lubricants, Fuel Additives, DEF, and Bulk and Prepackaged Solvents. Fuel Transport, Fuel Polishing, Tank Installation and more.

Customers We Service:
Service stations, convenience stores, truck stops, travel centers, farms, ranches, oil and gas contractors, industrial users, private and municipal airports, marinas, and individuals all throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Why Propane?

Choose Allstar Fuel as your propane provider and benefit from our over 60 years of propane “know how” and experience. Our GPS dispatched fleet of delivery trucks can bring propane to your home, business or farm quickly at ultra-competitive prices. We offer tanks, supplies and accessories for every propane application. Allstar Fuel is your one-stop shop for everything propane.

Propane Saves Money
Everyone wants to save money, and propane offers several solutions that enable you to do just that. Propane appliances are extremely energy efficient, and can save you hundreds, possible even thousands of dollars in annual energy costs. Today’s propane-powered vehicles, irrigation engines, and other farm equipment can be less expensive to purchase than diesel engines and can also significantly reduce fuel costs. Everyone wants to cut energy costs; propane will help you do it everyday.

Fewer Emissions
Propane-powered systems produce 11% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel systems and 24% fewer than gasoline systems. Compared with other fuels, propane is a cleaner, more efficient way to live!

Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.
Propane is made in America, primarily from domestic natural gas, and we have plenty of it; in fact, the United States is a net exporter of propane, producing more than we actually use. Made in USA!

Propane Works Harder
Performance is the number one reason most people choose propane. After all, is can effectively meet nearly all of your home’s major energy needs, inside and out, from space heating and water heating to outdoor flame lighting and fire pits.

Propane is Unbeatable Clean
For homeowners, businesses and farmers interested in lowering their carbon footprint, propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel that burns cleanly and produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources. In addition, propane is a non-poisonous, non-toxic fuel, that wont contaminate soil or groundwater, making it safe to use anywhere.